If beautiful girl can get for cheap , all the branded shop at city will closing down, will have few million or more people will loss job ( at all the city across the world ( new york , shanghai , tokyo ,sydney ...................... ( They are earning girl money , bro you guy like beautiful girl yes , so you are the one who pay for this .  ( And 2 of you forever in a mouse trap )  

Around the world have two thing you need to find youself no one will help you


2)Beautiful girl

(Must find yourself)

Realistic advise for book, date ,married, talk, whatever.

Can start from i am good person, i want to see pretty girl ( good person never complaint girl and have too many thing because he understand everybody not easy )

Beautiful girl ; Motivate man , hope he can met better girl , better life and better job.

Man : Motivate beautful girl hope she can find better job, better man and  have better life.

All man want to married beautiful girl to have a cute babe and good family but due to too expensive cannnot affort due to this real and ultimate reason so escort become so hot at australia……………………………………………………….!

Beautiful girl


  1. he expect girl he met is 100% but when met is 100% 120% 150% will automatic forgot what pic he see before.and very happy
  2. he expect met girl is 100% but hen met is 80% still happy
  3. he expenct met girl 100 % but is 70 % still very happy when met girl polite and good attitude

Complaint because he met girl that is 30 till 40 % but why this happening because he want to become super mario. can get beautiful girl for cheap this kind of thinking at the Starting point is wrong , so others all will be wrong too.

Actually all man hope can see beautful girl and super model , but is too expensive so now all hope see pretty girl , if can see very beautigul girl that will be bonus ( real information )


All hope can see richman but richman at australia has no hair no time and no cash .( other richman still have hair already move their business out from australia, long time they only come back visit one time .so now just hope can see nice person , if can see rich and nice is bonus ( real information )

You have to know sometime no is yes and yes is no . we will never know before met .

And originally beautiful girl will have more trouble, as our grandfather say one girl will have one trouble, two girl will have two trouble if 3 girl will have alot trouble, if no girl that should be more trouble because lonely. so ones you have to accept this is personality of beautiful girl if not just no date book or met beautiful girl. and beautiful girl dont have have cheap just double remind

Must be beautiful then real. (when met girl beautiful then pic man all will automatic forgot about who is the girl at the pic. and smile only)

Photo verify = real or 100 percent beautiful . ( if people still too many thing with alot question pls look other website. because already try our best.pls dont make girl stress. is very hard now.

( our Site dont have old chinese dont know english, dont have natural sex service, dont have fat, dont have asian girl act like western girl,dont have drug so dont ask rubbish anymore) just focus on beautiful girl see nice person other dont have.$200 one hour = old chinese dont know english.if ask discount result will be the same too. not encourage face pic at all . if must see face pic.pls refer other website.because privacy and safety for beautiful girl are too important for us


who is top richman around the world ? amazon boss ? no way

is LV boss . because he know what girl want . so you just have to know what girl want .

but the expectation of beautiful girl sometime is too high.

Pornhub , porntube the actor if beautiful , price is if lucky is 1000 euro not lucky is 2000, till 10,000, if japanese av , is depend on popular or not. and man all have to be nice person, mostly of them when finish video , will say thank you , thank you  sorry ,sorry and sorry . this is the person who get alot beautiful girl and boring afterthat become good dad and good husband. bad person can get beautiiful girl is impossible around the world,

Main reason ( around the world all is fake pic , even your country ( and dont need to know which country you from just know 100 percent Fake. but australia have real )

  1. because this is not doctor lawyers or accountant.and mostly even doctor lawyer and accountant dont have pic too at their advertisement.
  2. because have bad person (95 percent is person who on drug)
  3. Escort at australia is legal at most state ( but some are stuck at old man law, but actully the law set is for good heard but just dont have mean and dont have efficiency, )
  4. If anyone can guarantee no police go take girl money and no robberry happening . 100 percent real pic can guarantee for sure.

Example : when you go see gp doctor he will give you a letter to do ct scan and body check , after you get the report need make a booking go back to see the gp again and two of them are not at the same place , and always  A tell you go see b and b tell tell you go see c or downstair tell you go upstair and upstair tell you go back downstair .fire boost happen now and already collect all the money but cannot direct pass to the person at hard time because as law say need to apply and pass some circumstance. when they pass it people died already . cannot tell clearly but is real problem happen across australia ( but main is for make sure everything 100 percent correct but just not realistic and and cost effectiveness.[head pain give you panadol, leg pain panadol too.]

but real tax exampt and tax incentive will announce at 2020 May to settle the problem call if not expensive that will be slow to make us be very competative and can provide alot of job, we hope everybody can come invest and benefit from This.australia a really a good country.pls come have a look.

4.because old worry man dont like.( some have baby have to look after and dont have choice everything are so expensive)

1)man will go for cheap first if dont like only go for better price until the level he like and will stop overthere.the best is can get for free

2)Girl will go for higher price first if no one only go for lower price.the best is one minute $ 1000 or more.

For man : love have to make first then talk

For girl : love have to talk first then make.


  1. morning before 11am just few question
  2. after 11am till 5.00 pm will have 1000 till 10,000 question
  3. after 9.pm not many question

Of course if You not respect girl or involve in too many girl business. This must happen to you ( real information that no one tell You ) happening Around the world.

1)Small Problem, = You will stuck on money , headache, and cannot focus on work and your ear will have trouble.

2)Big problem =  You will loss your job and loss your career and you will finish.

But if you respect girl you will become like ( rich ) Get so many idea to become rich, so she can rely on you dont need to work can focus on watch Youtube,stay at home look after baby, go shopping ,go travel and go to gym.They always hope You can success.

Step to become rich at australia.Secret No one will tell you.don’t care which department from whatever business you will being fuck and complaint by alot of girl ( they are intelligent , beautiful, smart, have money, hardwork ) because she want you improve and improve ,So after you success you will become ………………. no hair !! no time !! and no cash!! this is the way to become rich at australia.

Lv boss = top richman at the world ( 100 percent customer is girl )

he is sucesss because all girl say when have Lv don’t need to eat dinner.

Alibaba = (65 percent customer is girl)

Amazon = (65 percent customer is girl too)

Small business = nearly 70 percent when you go interview all is girl !!!! don’t care which department and what business !! if a girl or secretary tell boss you are bad person i can guarantee even you have double degree still impossible to get a job.

someone say

  1. bill gate become rich because her mom help him find someone to buy his first sofeware
  2. wallen buffen become rich because when he earn his first one million he ask his wife do you want to buy a house at our small town. his wife say no,we just rent and he use this money to invest and he become rich like now
  • lee kar seng .hongkong top rich man he become rich because have someone borrow 4,3000 to start his first business. who is that .is his father in law.

So respect girl not  just can be rich at australia , might be you can become rich around the world . hope you can met one xx.

Funny story : Guess who is his.

one days he go fishing at the river, and he get aladin lamp, and aladin come out, so he ask aladin what is your wish .he looks like goodboy infront of girl . guess who is him , this man are really exist.

If you find a job , if is good enough but you think if you change job , possible to find a better job , but the real is sometime you cannot even find a job, at least you start your own business

If you think the girl and man you met is pretty and nice , go for it , because if you try to find a better one , at last will be dissappointed because better one only can find at the dream.

Get a girl have to use money, escort or not escort will be same too because this is the only way for girl to comfirm you like her.just double remind to avoid waste time happening around the world.

Possible but not encourage because have crazy people. here

But if i cannot see face pic i worry i dont like , so how to do. i am nice guy

Dont look, or find at other website,because this is mission impossible, become an actor at mission impossible they can earn money but our website are still free, dont too many thing.cannot help. but if still have problem pls refer here

do know have how many , just know have too many.even police lady beautiful same like model now. the level of beautiful already up to the limit. so go work hard .other all is rubbish . everything are too expensive.

Our site are specialise on beautiful girl . we are not specialise on beautiful girl pic. !!! this is the different.

Asian girl if pretty  = 150 half hour 250 one across australia ,minimum price start. below of this will be 40 years old for sure.

European or australian if petite slim pretty face and young , can cock can date can sex and can have a very good sound too .is $400 half hour or $250 half hour start. other then this is a scam.

If sugarbabe (18 tll 28 years old will be rent, school fees or house loan. how much? , really dont know not dare to ask , you go search yourself.assume is $ 500 start

ou only can see beautiful girl when girl are being protected at the law , or people overthey, if not no one can do.our website mainly focus on student country, rich people country,tourist country and prime minister who is a girl .other then this we not

Choose 200 half hour start.western website 200 half hour start dont have china.

This is the real information Girl told me , if have war happening now , no country can win china and why , china girl told me , my house you take and go to fight , if win come back i let you fuck. ( american dont have this kind of thing )

Adelaide = imposible to have beautiful girl ( depend on mood, if police didnot go take girl money , all website can do pic verify,if have police go take girl money during that period . no website can verify, and girl will be not beautiful) If you see old girl , you only can blame adelaide goverment because is their fault. ( because now is police take girl money , who you can report , already no one can report anymore ) If really girl met bad person , no problem ones he die, ones us die . if we know we can go help anyone will go help . but this is police. if this police being recession , another police will come up and doing the same thing , this is system problem no one can change hope police give girl a way if not too hard no one will go adelaide.

( They wear like construction worker cloth to check the girl , i really look down on them, example 150 half hour , how many girl need  to fuck only enough to pay their salary.)

sydney = Too many ( one day you see one , until you die cannot finish see all the girl ) brothel, sugarbabe and private have beautiful girl . mostly massage shop dont have beautiful girl .

Queensland = Too many ( just dont go cheap)

melbourne = Too many but law have problem and this kind of law nearly around the world only melbourne are different )

= Ask police and lawyer before , they say dont know whos the rubbish poltician who set this law. and lawyer say all                                 business have alot rubbish law and dont know what the law for ?

( Dialog police with girl at melbourne )

Lastly law already : which AFP treated girl or robbery want rope girl he will have big troble. ( actually police at melbourne mostly are great person 1000 person maximum 2 or 3 have problem. and now 1000 out of 1000 dont have problem becausue girl are protected by the law.( Dont need license ) .

i want to know at australia why everything need license but become politiction dont need license ? anyone can tell me why ?

Police : If you see bad person take advantage on your  remember give me a call, no other reason, take advantage on girl is wrong. escort or not escort for me is the same. protect girl is my first priority because I have a daughter. ( real australia value)

Girl : Thank you

Perth = Too many

Darwin = Dont have girl , man dont have too , everything dont have

Canberra = lonely state , have beautiful girl but not much


The reason is because Goverment want your money !!!! this is the reason when you go public service or private service . everybody try to help you but look like they are stuck cannot help you at the best ways.. NT state goverment already summit proposal for special economy zone at australia . so all Australian can come back australia to release their potential until no limit but not success. (so notting can do to increase the performance both at public or at private sector )

This kind  website normally only have one different ones is charge on you, one is charge on girl,if charge on you off course all s real, because not stuck at the law, australia have 1000 till 10000 law , so many are imposible to do all have too use alot money and time , if not believe you can go try , and ones is charge on girl , so cannot request too much because is free for you ( need to protect privacy and safety.) this is the main point around the world but beautiful and young is guarantee can find here.sometime you see is real when arrive is different because all around the world is do like this.or $500,600,700 can guarantee real.

if anyone tell you to do business at australia pls never think at all . you will lost everything you have. but if you want find love , wife or girl you can come to australia . really alot beautiful girl more then US and is good girl too.but business never think , try apply goverment job if you can. because if at private area you will have alot of fees, and this is not accident. 1)salary is 19 dollor per hour you need give your staff 21 till 25 dollor only you staff only will try his best , second counser fees and all the goverment bill are keep increasing and the third our company tax is higher around the world higher then US.If you want provide job they want charge you payroll tax .this is the reason you boss scare to employ staff . provide job dont have incentive but need pay more !!!!! so you guarantee loss. this is all quiet australia let me know. and i let you know now.( they say want to increase investment and job but is impossible, because you are the one who do , but you are not the one who earn .Try apply goverment job . pendemic before  australian enterepreneur already run aways to panama, us, caymen island,singapure, switzerlano .dubai because provide job have incentive all is good company and boss are good heart.but now all gone so australia now only have goverment job.their family and baby can growth up very healthy and happy but you are not.this is very sad story.but real. australia number 1 website web owner before pendemic run aways to swtzerland to release from the tax bill and red tape.( that is no other choice).

If you really want invest at australia you need ask advice from old accountant at australia because he nearly die . he teach you the real.or you direct ask Ato stuff privately . they will tell you .Australia really have 2 type of tax law

If anyone tell you invest property at australia pls dont do. why

1)Property at australia are not expensive ( good for investment )

2)bank interest rate are cheap ( bank are hard ) ( they need bank ask customer where is your dad from where is your mom from where is your money from make bank hard to do business , netflix account usage more then 50 dollor . they will ask what is that?

( The good thing)

But the fees, they set are expensive , if they short or money they will increase the fees again and you cannot run from the fees.

( Electrical bill , water bill ,car park fees , counser fees and alot of fees create for you legally) they d’ont need see your face at all , they just need  set the fees they set you up.)

The best condom at australia is city counser.they just need to know how much population devide to all small and medium size business and they will know you will move to heaven anot. and them are being protected because they never involve.

Is cruel to man only will spend money on pretty girl he like normally dont like fat and old .if enough pretty he will pay whatever you want and afterthat one week eat noodle……..so need to exercise more and look after your self ..


Sorry to tell is cruel need to find way to earn more money .they is no other way…….because everything are too expensive now …..girl want find someone to look after her …..(always remember around the world beautiful girl are expensive and wife are more expensive to avoid being scam).Your president, your mom, you sister , your boss, your manager. If beautiful all have one dream, that is dont need to work have someone look after. so really we dont have other ways.( but when you at a hard time they will look after you back)

When you met girl you like ,forever you phone will no battery , stuck on traffic, stuck at work,stuck at money and dont know why the distance to met her always is far and the weather will be too cold or too hot.but beautiful girl still will wait for nice person!!!!! and never actually that is $1 dollor but you think is $1000 dollor. 

If met a girl you like and worry other man will look at her too .what have to do is give her more food to eat and make her more fat

People more rich will be more kind. ( asian asian girl 150 half hour or above , european girl 250 half hour above) 99% dont have troble . magic (figure 150 till 500 ) above or lower then this price mostly have phd .. permenant head damage, or never appear. over then 500 will have alot request , lower then 150 will have alot request too.

Serious gentlement  will not ask too many,only will ask 1,2,3 question, if not serious will ask 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, unlimited question https://www.auscracker.com/top-20-question-always-ask/ because he have money what he want is to have a great time not just asking (  Just want to budget hotel ,dinner, parking ,uber fees,time because now traffic always stuck) if man ask alot normally is time waster and never appear.

Normally the words he will say is



3) I am not understand.

4)and will argue


How do i know the girl is pretty !! check by cost  (whatever) more pretty will be more high cost. if at brothel price is same due to pretty girl dont want to do for cheap.the most pretty girl all at private and without agency . need to depend on your budget and level ) now days not same before at australia if old girl put high cost when met gentlement,all will suddenly forgot to bring wallet or cash or boss call wife call friend call must go now….so high cost come with more young and more nice . ( 150 half hour or above )

If really cannot met beautiful girl because the expectation of beautiful girl is like this