Because everybody like beautiful girl so beautiful girl must be expensive Beautiful girl =  invisible monopoly!!!

Around the world have two thing you need to find youself no one will help you


2)Beautiful girl

(Must find yourself)

Realistic advise for book, date ,married, talk, whatever.

People no money

1)Find young but not very pretty

2)Find mature abit ,and pretty

People have money

1)Fing girl everything 100%

2)Find girl respect you , understand you earn money not easy, and dont have too many No.And both respect.

Ooh , You have to let us know  why, because you already know the answer but just act like dont know !!! and everybody know why !!

Beautiful girl ; Motivate man , hope he can met better girl , better life and better job.

Man : Motivate beautful girl hope she can find better job, better man and  have better life.

Beautiful girl

Because you are asking something that is forever no answer before met. we dont even know girl boss, our girl colleague,sister, mom and manager what they thing even we met everydays.sometime , yes is no , and no is yes. so only met and talk is the only way.

Must be beautiful then real. (when met girl beautiful then pic man all will automatic forgot about who is the girl at the pic. and smile only)

Is cruel to man only will spend money on pretty girl he like normally dont like fat and old .if enough pretty he will pay whatever you want and afterthat one week eat noodle…… need to exercise more and look after your self ..


Sorry to tell is cruel need to find way to earn more money .they is no other way…….because everything are too expensive now …..girl want find someone to look after her …..(always remember around the world beautiful girl are expensive and wife are more expensive to avoid being scam).Your president, your mom, you sister , your boss, your manager. If beautiful all have one dream, that is dont need to work have someone look after. so really we dont have other ways.( but when you at a hard time they will look after you back)

When you met girl you like ,forever you phone will no battery , stuck on traffic, stuck at work, and dont know why the distance to met her always is far and the weather will be too cold or too hot.but beautiful girl still will wait for nice person!!!!! and never actually that is $1 dollor but you think is $1000 dollor. 

If met a girl you like and worry other man will look at her too .what have to do is give her more food to eat and make her more fat

To make sure he not time waster…

Serious gentlement  will not ask too many,only will ask 1,2,3 question, if not serious will ask 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, unlimited question because he have money what he want is to have a great time not just asking (  Just want to budget hotel ,dinner, parking ,uber fees,time because now traffic always stuck) if man ask alot normally is time waster and never appear.

Normally the words he will say is



3) I am not understand.

4)and will argue


How do i know the girl is pretty !! check by cost  (whatever) more pretty will be more high cost. if at brothel price is same due to pretty girl dont want to do for cheap.the most pretty girl all at private and without agency . need to depend on your budget and level ) now days not same before at australia if old girl put high cost when met gentlement,all will suddenly forgot to bring wallet or cash or boss call wife call friend call must go now….so high cost come with more young and more nice . 

If really cannot met beautiful girl because the expectation of beautiful girl is like this