( Posibble all business at melbourne sell to vic goverment , because too many fees, very stress, really dont want to do anymore )

Best idea to settle problem

All business sell high price to goverment and we all pention oversea. ( dont need to follow the property law, one house, 2 house, 4 house, 8 house. ( but last all the money going to the bill and fees )

Victoria goverment bank, victoria goverment coffee shop, victoria goverment brothel, victoria goverment escort, victoria goverment restaurant , victoria goverment hotel, victoria goverment property.victoria goverment taxi. everthing goverment decide. i can 100 percent guarantee the budget is guarantee loss. because the person decide the law and tax law .they just decide but never involve with all the fees and time.

make an announcement goverment will buy all the business.( guarantee no one will conplait, and if person still need job all work under goverment .settle problem

( how many coffee need to sell only enough to pay just one of their salary , one girl have to fuck 100 person they dont like only enough to pay their salary, pandemic now non of them loss even one dollor )